How to Build a Cheap Chopper


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Custom bikes, choppers and bobbers in particular, don’t
have to cost thirty thousand dollars. A chopper or bobber built at
home can be had for less than five thousand dollars. The key is the
use of a donor bike for most of the components. How to Build a Cheap
Chopper documents the construction of five inexpensive choppers and
bobbers with complete start-to-finish photo sequences presented in
full color.

Least expensive are the metric bikes – like the Honda and a Kawasaki
projects documented here. Next up, price wise, are bikes built using
a Buell or Sportster as the donor. Check the sequence from Redneck
Engineering or Motorcycle Works to see how quickly a Buell can be
converted into a simple hardtail.

Most expensive, but still dammed cheap by comparison with most of
today’s bikes, is the big twin chopper built in the shop of Dave
Perewitz from carefully chosen artermarket parts.

If you’re long on desire but short on cash, this is the book to buy.
The first thing you need to assemble that new chopper or bobber is
in your hand. Spend twenty-five bucks on Cheap Chopper and start
building your motorcycle.

Over 400 color images

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